Rain Bird 1806AP vs Rain Bird P5R Plastic Impact-which one is qualified

This article will be about 2 products from Rain Bird, the most important and famous brand of sprinkler systems. We will examine these two products in detail for you. You decide which one is better quality. Of course, “quality” will depend on what you’re looking for. Now we recommend that you stop watering your garden with traditional means, as old methods will take both more time and will not be beneficial to the health of your plant. Plants and grass want not plenty of water, but little but constantly running water. I mean, they want to see the rainwater pattern. You need to provide this environment to your plants.

And assure you, sprinklers are more advantageous in terms of water saving.

p5r rainbird sprinkler

1802 rainbird sprinkler


If you can’t arrange your sprinkler to water only part of your garden, unfortunately, it can be dysfunctional. For example, if you live in the middle of the metropolis, your garden will probably be too small and shapeless. In this case, you will have to make fine and precise angle adjustments.

Rain Bird 1806AP

The 1806Ap model stands superior in terms of adjustable. Because you can set it to any slice between 0 and 360 degrees. If the shape of your garden is strange, we can say 1806AP is just for you.

Rain Bird P5R

The P5R model comes with two adjustment options. The first is a full circle of 360 degrees, and the second is a partial circle of 20-340 degrees. If your garden is small, you can avoid wasted water by setting the violence of the fountain after placing it in the middle.

Spray Distance

The spraying distance of your Sprinkler is as important as its ability to adjust. How far it distributes water and how far it can reach it will be of interest when you buy it. Sprinklers usually have a spraying distance of 10-50 feet. Of course, there are Sprinklers that spray far further than these distances, but they’re not for houses, but for large fields focused on industrial agricultural products.

Rainbird 1806AP and spray distance


1896AP spraying distance is available in the range of 8 to 15 feet. We are disappointed in this aspect that the average sprinklers on the market have an average spray distance of 15 feet, while the Rainbird 1806AP was built for such short distances. surprising indeed.

Rainbird P5R and spraying distance

The P5R Rainbird model has a spraying range of 25 to 41 feet. In this respect, it looks very successful compared to the 1806AP. And it has higher performance than the market average.

Advantages and disadvantages

Rainbird P5R
pros-Spray at greater distances
-Producing smaller droplets of water and more provides more evenly dispersion of water.
cons-Adjustability relatively low
No effective technology to prevent water leakage.
Rainbird 1806AP
Pros– Superior Adjustability
– Special technology to prevent water leakage
– Special design to prevent

cons: there is no more developed cleaning options


If you say which product is better, I want to admit that I find the P5R superior. Because both the amazon score is higher and the properties are higher.


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