Kadaon Garden Sprinkler vs Melnor 65048-AMZ Sprinkler-Which one is winner?

We can’t say both firms have a long history. Melnor stands ahead with 70 years of experience and focus only on horticulture. He’s even concentrated on the category of “irrigation” in horticulture. But don’t let this brand power prejudice about the products themselves. Because as you can see from our brief review below, Melnor is unfortunately disappointing us by not meeting our expectations.

Melnor’s attempt to be innovative in terms of design and mechanism has caused this frustration. Now, without losing any more time, let’s immediately proceed to the examination.


Kadaon Garden Sprinkler: Kadaon Sprinkler offers a 360-degree irrigation. But it must be circular. Adjustability is limited by the diameter of this circle. So, unfortunately, when you want to water a 90-degree area, that’s not possible. But the intensity, density of water can be adjusted. That’s really a rare feature in the market.

Melnor 65048-AMZ Sprinkler: Melnor offers a 2D adjustment. It stands above Kadaon in this aspect. But of course, it is not possible to adjust the intensity of water.

Spraying Power

Kadaon Garden Sprinkler: 3000 squarefeet has spraying power to irrigate the area. It is able to easily water medium and large sized gardens. Water spray power can be increased by adjusting.

Melnor 65048-AMZ Sprinkler: The water coming out of 18 holes in its system offers the capacity to irrigate 3400 squaremeter fields. There are also models of this model with lower spraying power, which irrigate the area of 3000 and 2650 squarefeet.


Kadaon Garden Sprinkler: Kadaon’s user reviews and ratings on Amazon are better than Melnor. When we looked at reviews, people mentioned that they were buying tremendous quality products for $12. They told me you did a great job for a firm without a history and a cheap price. Many also satisfied with the plastic quality of the product. But despite all these positive signals, there is no explanation for the guarantee of the product is confusing.

Melnor 65048-AMZ Sprinkler: Reviewing user reviews, we find comments that the plastic hose binding part sometimes breaks. In addition, the product moves to the right or left, without stopping in place for long periods of time. To avoid this, it is necessary to put weight on it. Some users also expressed that they are not satisfied with the quality of plastic. But still there are many users who consider the quality received in response to the given price enough. Amazon score 3.8 out of 5. This score is really low compared to other irrigation systems on the market. Another noteworthy issue is the warranty period. Unlike many products on the market, Melnor offers only a 7-year period warranty, not a lifetime or 20-year warranty.

Pros and cons

Kadaon Garden Sprinkler:
pros -Durability
– Reasonable price
– Nice design
-Advanced mechanism
cons– Low coverage area
Melnor 65048-AMZ Sprinkler:
pros– high adjustable
– well-established firm
– more irrigation area
cons– low durability
– instability in place


As a result, due to features such as user reviews, high durability and reasonable price, the winner of the comparison is Kadaon Garden Sprinkler. Of course, there are also issues that Melnor 65048 is superior, but they are not enough to overtake Kadaon. However, we leave the last choice to you dear garden lovers.

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