GrowGreen Sprinkler vs Signature Garden Three-Arm Sprinkler-Which one is more qualified?

Sprinklers are splitting in two. One group is produced for lawns and the other group is for mixed gardens. Sprinklers for grass; make smaller grains sprayers. In this way, you have the opportunity to irrigate more efficiently. They also want to be watered for long hours during certain periods of the year with the grass. Due to these needs, sprinklers must be of quality that can last for hours. It should continue to work, not affected by sudden fluctuations in water pressure, winds, other external factors. It must be equipped to provide it. The brands “Growgreen” and “Signature Garden” have this minimum of equipment.

Now we will compare 2 products of these two brands, produced for grass. We’ll look at which of them is better for which situations.

grow green
signature garden sprinkler


GrowGreen Sprinkler and adjustable:

Grow Green 360 degrees can be adjusted to cover the area to the desired degree. It can also be fixed securely in one place thanks to the wide wings at the base.

Signature Garden Three-Arm Sprinkler and adjustable:

The Signature Garden Three-arm product can be adjusted to cover the desired degree in a 360 degree area, just like Growgreen. In this respect, the two products have the same characteristics. However, the metal weights on the base of the Signature Garden help it to stand more firmly on the ground.


Spraying Power

GrowGreen Sprinkler and spraying power: with a pressure of 80 PSI, 32.8 squarefeet with coating power. So that means it can spray water up to about 3.5 meters from where it is. You can think of it as a diameter of 3.5 meters.

In this regard, the two products have almost the same characteristics: Signature Garden Three-Arm Sprinkler and adjustability . We didn’t see any noticeable difference between the two. Therefore, any of us in this section will not announce the winner.



GrowGreen Sprinkler and durability: It is noteworthy that they use special anti-rust polymer material and make use of high-quality plastic. From this point of view, Grow green shows the logical reason why it was sold for 2.5 times more expensive than Signature Garden. The product is really very durable. The kind that will allow you to use almost a lifetime!

Signature Garden Three-Arm Sprinkler and durability: Anti-corrosion and corrosion ABS material from Growgreen is also used in this. Even supplemented with “TPR encapsulated sides” in addition. When selling the product, unlike Grow Green, it offers a “lifetime warranty”. This kind of guarantee is really ambitious in the irrigation industry.

WINNER: Signature Garden Three-Arm Sprinkler

Pros and cons

GrowGreen Sprinkler
pros-high adjustable
-High pressure spraying
-resistance to rust and corrosion
cons-Not suitable for long hours (because there is no weight on the bottom)
Signature Garden Three-Arm Sprinkler
pros-resistance to external factors
suitable for adjustment for different angles
superior spraying power
The weight of the base
consLess color options

Wins as a result: Signature Garden Three-Arm Sprinkler

REQUIRY: Grow green is sold on the market for $24.99. Signature garden is for $10. We were attracted to the fact that it was almost 2.5 times cheaper, the material used was more durable, the presence of weights on the base. Because of all these features, Signature Garden Three-Arm Sprinkler deserves to be the winner in this comparison. And even higher than Amazon points. However, it is not sold as much as Grow Green, although the price is lower due to a less familiar brand on the market and its production site is India. But I’m sure the balance will change in the future.

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